Perfect Borders and the Rubber Duck

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I’m minding my own business, working at a booth in Houston, when this flannel Rubber Ducky fabric in the booth across the aisle starts waving at me.  Eventually, I went over to introduce myself and this super cute fabric introduced the rest of line.  All very fun, but I did not need another project, so I said ‘goodbye’ and went back to minding my own business.

Near the end of the day I heard the ‘thump, thump’ of a bolt of fabric being unwound and my Rubber Ducky flannel yelled “She’s going to take all of me!”  I was barely able to control my panic for the rest of my shift.  At the end of the day, I verified there was enough left for me and felt safe until morning.  I went back to my hotel room, designed my quilt and calculated my fabric requirements.  At opening the next morning, I bought my Rubber Ducky fabric and his friends.  I then spent the rest of my off hours searching all the vendors in Houston for Rubber Ducky quilting templates and oh, by the way, I needed to fit  3”, 5” and 8” border widths. Had I found a Rubber Duck template I would still have to modify it to fit all my widths.  I was out of luck.

I came home and called an artist friend.  He drew me the Rubber Duck and was born. Now we can all have Fun borders that are scaled and spaced to fit whatever size you need – without doing any MATH!

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  1. Debbie McIntosh
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    I love your story about your ‘Rubber Ducky fabric lust attack.’ The reason I love it so, is because I have been victim to the same fabric lust! I went to my very first quilting retreat last year. I found some gorgeous material by McKenna Ryan, that I just had to have. I searched and searched. I finally found some, I have it in my Craft Room, but can’t bring myself to cut it up in case I ruin it! 😂 oh, and I found out that it comes in another color also, which I haven’t been able to find! Happy quilting. I enjoyed your lesson at Sewexpo in Puyallup tremendously. Thank you

    • Mech
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      While contemplating a fabric purchase someone asked me what I was going to DO with it. They seemed shocked when I said “I’m going to set it on the corner and look at it every time I go by!” Some fabric brightens our lives just by being there.

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