Half-Square Triangles with Gold

This quilt started as a research project.  I decided to research (and then teach) the best way to make Half-Square Triangles (HSTs).  I started with stacks of 20 each light and dark batik fat-quarters.  I then tested 16 methods of making HSTs.  I noted the amount of time it took for each set as well as each step of each method.  I looked at how many HSTs each method gave me, which ones gave me accurate results and which ones didn’t. I repeated a few of my favorites then stitched them all together to see which ones scared me as I came to them (Yes, I am an Engineer! How did you guess?).  Anyway, this beautiful quilt was the result.  With the top complete, I broke out the Gold thread and started quilting.  Every stitch was with the Kreinik Gold (Metallized Gimp), Basting, Stitch-in-the-Ditch and the final pretty stuff. The thread never broke!  One of the things I am very proud of on this quilt is the final quilting was all done on the diagonal!


  • Quilt Name: Half-Square Triangles with Gold
  • Piecing Pattern: Half Square Triangles in alternating Light and Dark
  • Pieced by: Mech Watne
  • Border/Quilting Patterns: “DD_A_Half_Tri”  Half of Daisy Dance Triangle A
  • Border Pattern Artist: Anne Bright
  • Quilted by: Mech Watne
  • Thread: Kreinik Gold Metallized Gimp  I must have that thread!