“But what thread do you use?”

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Vending at a quilt show has different shopping perils than attending a quilt show.  Attendees have the opportunity to peruse all the booths.  Vendors grab a glance at whatever booths they pass on a tear to the restroom.  While I will admit to never taking the same route twice in order to see more of the show, neither leisurely, nor complete describe my booth viewing when I am vending at a show.  There is one exception, the booth directly across the aisle.  Over the course of a 4 day show there are enough breaks in traffic to pick out a few favorites.  The show I spent across from 150 rich batiks in the blue, turquoise, purple color ways was particularly expensive.4 Gold Threads


Many years ago I had the great fortune of being across the aisle from Kreinik thread.  For 4 days, I watched a demo of beautiful metallic gold thread being run through a sewing machine at least 4 times faster than I have ever sewn.  It never broke, not once. When the crowds thinned late on the final afternoon, I wandered over to take a look.  I came back with several spools including the Gold.



Detail Half-Square Triangle Quilt with Gold Thread


Then I came home to try it.  I LOVE my Kreinik Gold!  Officially known as Gold- Metallized Gimp, it runs like butter.  It is by far the easiest thread I have ever run.  On my  recent Half-Square Triangle quilt, I did everything with the gold.  I basted, did all the stitch-in-the ditch and all the decorative stitching in metallic thread and never broke the thread once. The entire quilt is beautiful gold sparkles.  I made all the gold piping for my table runner, “The Real One”, using the gold thread on my home machine.  All stitch-in-the-ditch and all decorative stitching was done in gold as well.



Fashion Twist Thread
7 colors of Fashion Twist Thread

I also brought home various colors of Fashion Twist thread.  Fashion Twist has a strand of metallic that matches the base color. The Fuchsia quickly became one of my most used spools of thread.  The Candy (soft Pink) seems to be the favorite of my class attendees.

When I teach classes, I send my samples around for closer examination. For several years I would teach and explain techniques only to get to the questions section and get the same question every time, “But what thread do you use?”  The next question was always “Do you sell it in your booth?” So, I started selling the thread in my booth.

6 colrs of Gimp thread
6 colors of Gimp thread

I am now proud to announce that I am also selling the thread between shows. PerfectBorders has opened up a shop on Etsy.  We have not only all the shades of Gold and Silver but 7 colors of Fashion Twist and 6 rich colors of Gimp. See-My-Stash bags, PerfectBorders patterns and great tools are also available.


Enjoy the thread!




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